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Meet Miss Averith Brex

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Miss Averith Brex is the leader of the Bluebands in the Fellstone Labor Compound. Although of the Torph race, she has advanced through the Blueband ranks by sheer determination, consummate professionalism, and a deep-seated desire to redeem her family’s good name. She suspects that Cheff and the gang are up to anti-government activities, but she can’t prove anything. Yet.

November is National Novel Writing Month!

NaNo-2015-Participant-BannerHello, Everyone! I’ve been feeling a little blue as November came around, because I started to write Operation Lockdown: Fellstone Series Book Two a year ago! One year ago last November, I saw the ad for National Novel Writing month, and I decided to give it a try, informally — I didn’t sign up officially. I wanted to see if it was possible. It seemed like a good bet – 2,000 words a day for 30 days is 60K words, just perfect for my target audience. Well, it worked! By the end of Novermber 2014, I had the first draft of Operation Lockdown finished. By the end of January, 2015, I had finished the first editing pass. Then, sadly, life got in the way. We moved three times since then, because of work and other concerns. Three times! It was long and hard, but it helped us get rid of a lot of things we used to have. So, when this November came around, and I realized that a whole year had gone by, and I still haven’t released Operation Lockdown, I got sad. Then I had a great idea! I’d write Book Three this month! That’s right — today was the first day of November, and I laid down 2446 words of Operation Shifting Sands, a brand-new adventure for the BSI gang that takes place in the Great Desert. This time, though, I thought I’d do it officially. So I signed up as an official participant in National Novel Writing Month! Yay!

I’ll take a break in December, then get down to some hard-core editing in January. My goal is to publish all three books as a trilogy in the Spring.

Please wish me well, and tell your friends. I’d like to build a bit of readership by Release Date.

To that end, I’ll send a free PDF copy of Book One, Operation Break Iron, to anyone willing to read it and give an honest review on Amazon.

Late Night Final: 2446 words written today! Yay!

Carra Trenta Wolcutt: Guest Star of Operation Lockdown (Fellstone Tales Book 2)

Today I finished working up the character sheet for Carra Trenta Wolcutt, of the Tumberland Wolcutts. She’s a rich girl, daughter of the richest family in Tumberland. For generations, the Wolcutts have dominated the timber industry on the eastern seaboard of Andaran.

Carra thinks a great deal of herself, and all the more so since becoming the youngest FRM agent  in Tumberland. And now she’s on her very first mission, a backup courier assignment to Fellstone City. She’s well trained, supremely confident, and very well dressed. Her outfit will look something like Nicole Kidman’s in the 2008 film Australia.

Nicole Kidman wearing a vintage safari suit in her 2008 film, Australia.

Nicole Kidman wearing a vintage safari suit in her 2008 film, Australia.

Carra won’t stay clean and tidy for long, though. Her mission’s about to go haywire, and it’ll be up to Cheff and the gang to rescue her.

I wonder what the ponies will think of the fancy-pants rich girl?

It’s a Great Day for Me! Operation Break Iron Compared to Heinlein!

Today, Operation Break Iron was compared to the works of Robert Heinlein by the #11 top reviewer on Goodreads:

“A cross of Hunger Games and Harry Potter without the wizardry in the spirit of the youth novels of Robert A. Heinlein and Andre Norton.”

This made me very happy, because as a youth I loved Heinlein and the other Greats of the time. I wanted to write a book that was happy and fun to read, a romp in the grass, so to speak. He also noted that it’s a:

“Good clean story without sex or profanity.”

I’m ecstatic!

Read the complete review on Goodreads.

Our First Fan Art

We have received our very first fan art. Here’s a rendition of Starry Stargazer by Savannah M., age 9.
2014-07-02 Savannah Drew Starry
Thanks, Savannah! Starry says thank you, too!

Operation Lockdown (Fellstone Tales Book 2) Startup Party

I celebrated the beginning of the creative process for the second book in the Fellstone Tales series, Operation Lockdown, Sunday night with my dear friends, Penney Knightly and Lon Boder.

Operation Lockdown takes up shortly after Operation Break Iron ends. Fellstone City is under lockdown after the assault on the Iron Fortress. An FRM agent is on his way to Fellstone City with important evidence and other secrets, completely unaware of the lockdown. He must be warned of the lockdown, but no adult can get into or out of Fellstone City. It’s up to Cheff and the gang to intercept the agent and warn him. After all, who would ever suspect a bunch of kids? Right?

We met at the incomparable Vista Pub in Brookings, Oregon, for an afternoon of craft beers and world-class burgers, and brainstormed dozens of brand new scenes.

Liam Kincaid Launch Party Operation Lockdown (Fellstone Tales Book 2) 1

My favorite is the onion-peanut butter-cranberry sauce burger with a pineapple ring. Sounds weird, but tastes great!

Liam Kincaid Launch Party Operation Lockdown (Fellstone Tales Book 2) 2

Vista Pub is our favorite brainstorming venue and purveyor of fine Creative Brain Food. Ray makes everything from scratch using local meat, produce, and buns. It’s the best burger on the coast! If you happen to be traveling on the Oregon coast, don’t miss Vista Pub.

Here’s more about Vista Pub:

Second Goodreads Giveaway Even Bigger Success

My second Goodreads giveaway ended Sunday night at midnight, with 361 people entering to win 1 of 5 available copies. I hope the winners enjoy the read.

For those who didn’t win, no worries — I’ll run another giveaway in a few weeks.

Three-day Weekend Giveaway!

There was so much interest in the last giveaway that I decided to make a few more copies available. For three days only, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I will offer 5 copies of Operation Break Iron on Goodreads.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Operation Break Iron by Liam Kincaid

Operation Break Iron

by Liam Kincaid

Giveaway ends July 07, 2014.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter to win

Operation Break Iron Goodreads Giveaway a Success!

My first Goodreads giveaway ended yesterday, with a total of 872 requests for 25 copies. I’m making a note here: Huge Success!

Congratulations to the winners! Your books are on their way and will arrive shortly. Please remember to take a few moments and leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads. I appreciate that very much!

For those who entered but didn’t win, don’t worry — We’ll be having another giveaway soon.

And for all of you who prefer not to wait, you can get it right now on Amazon! You can read the first chapter using Amazon’s Look Inside feature.


Operation Break Iron Now Available!

After more than a year of intense writing, I am very pleased to announce that Operation Break Iron is now available. It’s a great, rollicking sci-fi adventure for all ages. You’ll love how Cheff and his friends defy the entire Seph Empire in an attempt to rescue Uncle Karf from the impenetrable Iron Fortress. Enjoy!